A strange analogy for money creation

Most money is created by private banks when they lend money: the money that we borrow is created from nothing by the very process of our borrowing it. The process of the creation of money is strangely analogous to the creation of matter in the first few moments of the existence of the universe. 


In the first moments of the universe an energetic vacuum (nothing) existed; this vacuum split into two equal but opposite forms of matter: regular matter and anti-matter.  If regular matter and anti-matter are added back together they annihilate each other and return to energy.  This annihilation of anti-matter is believed to have happened soon after the Big Bang, which is why there appears to be no anti-matter in the observable universe; however this also means there should be no regular matter either, and plainly there is, because we are made of it. 


This is a great mystery to theoretical physicists and resolving it may answer question about the nature of the universe.  To try to solve this mystery they have created some anti-matter to play with, in the CERN's high-energy collider. 


At least when debt and the loan money are added back together to annihilate each other we know why there is still debt left!


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