The Earth currently has a human population of over seven billion. This level of population is causing or exacerbating many of the issues that the Earth and it’s people face; issues such as pollution, insecurity of food supply, lack of living space, loss of the natural world, and threatened peace and security. None of these problems will be easier to resolve with even more people, and all would be easier to resolve with less.


Not only is the Earth’s population large, but it is growing larger all the time.  This continuous growth compounds the issues we face, actually making them unsolvable, because as we develop methods to reduce the causes and effects of these issues our increasing population will cancel-out any advances we make.  We will try to resolve the issues that we face by doing the cheapest, simplest, and most effective things first, but when we have done them we will be left with the things that will be more difficult to achieve, more expensive and least effective; eventually there may be nothing more that we can do to alleviate these issues.  This argument applies equally to any resource issue that we face (and most of these issues to come down resource issues) — as the size of the human population continually rises we will eventually encounter a limit to our ability to resolve any problem. 


Many people believe that we can manage continuous population growth by good planning and by keeping ahead with infrastructure development; but it doesn’t matter how clever we are at finding ways to get more of the resources we need, or stretching those resources further, because as long as our population continues to grow we eventually must reach the unpassable limit of one or more of the resources that we rely on. It may seem that this will not occur until far off in the future, but this isn’t so because of the usually exponential nature of this growth.


Simply, nothing material (like us) can keep growing forever in a finite space (like the Earth); there must be a limit to our population, and if we don't stop our growth, we will eventually reach the limit. When we reach it we will suffer the usual consequences for life that uses up all its resources.


So, why does our already excessively large population keeps growing, and why do we let it keep growing when it causes so many problems now, will cause more problems in the future, and there are so many reasons to not let it grow?


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